What is closer Bat of Brick? Types of Closer and Bat of Brick in Brick Masonry

What is closer of Brick?

A piece of brick used at the end of brick courses to close up the bond is known as a closer one.

Types of closer –

  • King Closer
  • Queen Closer
  • Mitred Closer
  • Bevelled Closer
King closer-
This is obtained by cutting a triangular piece of brick in shape between header and stretcher middle.


closer Bat of Brick
Queen Closer-
This is obtained by cutting a brick length wise into two parts and can be divided through middle of the 
closer Bat of Brick
Mitred Closer-
If a triangular section of a brick is cut along its width and at the length of the brick it makes an
angle of 45 to 60, the remaining part after cutting is named as Mitred closer.
closer Bat of Brick
Bevelled Closer-
If a triangular part of a brick is cut to its half width and to a full length, then the remaining
section is called as closer beveled after cutting.
closer Bat of Brick

What is Bat of Brick?

When a portion of brick cut across the width of that brick than it is known as bat.

Types of Bat –

There are different types of bat are given bellow,
  • Half bat
  • three-quarter bat
  • bevelled bat
closer Bat of Brick
closer Bat of Brick
closer Bat of Brick

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