Download Kolida Total Station Data Transfer Software

Kolida Total Station Data Transfer Software Download

With sophisticated absolute encoding angle measurement technology, the Kolida Total Station infrared laser total station significantly increases the precision and stability of angle measurement. Boot without initialization, if the power goes out during the measurement, the data will still be there when you resume, considerably assisting the measurement staff. In addition, TS circuit board, which is of the highest international standard, entirely resolves crosstalk integration issues, increasing production and maintenance efficiency. Additionally, a tight rubber ring that is watertight allows for IP65-level waterproofing and dust resistance.

Download Kolida Total Station Data Transfer Software
               Kolida Total Station

Transfer Kolida Total Station Data to Computer

After completing all measuring or surveying work with kolida total station, need to transfer data from Kolida TS to Computer for final work. That’s why a Kolida TS Data Transfer Software is needed and here you will be able to kolida TS software download. By using Kolida TS data communication software it’s very easy to transfer data from total station to pc.

Kolida Total Station Learning With Professionals

As a professional surveyor or engineer, it’s important to learn Total Station for the digital surveys of land, road, bridge, and many more.

Various surveying programs onboard: angle offset, angle repetition, dual-distance offset, 3-D coordinate measurement, remote Elevation, Missing line, staking-out, road design, area calculation, volume calculation, and the reference line by using total station instruments.

To learn Total Station surveying or measurement with a professionals trainer follow the following Educational YouTube Channels:

Bangla Language YouTube Channel: Civil Engineers Training Academy (CETA BD)
–> Advanced Surveying with Kolida Total Station full Playlist

English Language YouTube Channel: School of Civil Engineering (SOCE)
Advanced Surveying with Kolida Total Station full Playlist

Download Kolida Total Station Software

You will be able to use this software directly after downloading it without installing it. Before downloading Kolida Total Station Software follow our video instructions from the youtube channel in Bangla video as well as English video.

kolida total station data transfer software
Kolida Total Station Software Interface



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