[PDF] Surveying Vol 1 by B.C. Punmia Book Free Download

Surveying Vol 1 by B.C. Punmia

Surveying Vol 1 by B.C. Punmia is an important book for civil engineers as well as a basic civil engineering departmental book. Surveying Vol 1 book is written by B.C. Punmia. This book is renowned for its excellent analysis of different subjects and its succinct approach to such a subject.

The book provides descriptions of the field’s basic concepts along with the list of the latest developments made in this area of research. Surveying Vol 1 by B.C. Punmia is taking a very best role in civil engineering study because of its detailed description and concept in the engineering field.

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Surveying Vol 1 by B.C. Punmia – PDF Free Download

Surveying Vol 1 by B.C. Punmia Book Free Download

About Surveying Vol 1 Book Author

“Professor WILLIAM NORMAN THOMAS, C.B.E., M.A., PhD., who was born on 11 March, 1885, died 17 November, 1960. He entered academic life in1910 when he was appointed lecturer in engineering at University College, Nottingham. From 1914-15 he was senior lecturer under Professor F. C. Lea at Birmingham University. He served in World War I as a Lieutenant in the Royal Engineers from 1915-18 and during that period learnt that he had successfully passed his MSc. while at Birmingham University. After his release he studied at Brasenose College, Oxford, and from 1920-25 he was Senior Assistant to Professor C. F. Jenkin in the University. There, too, he gained his M.A. and D.Phi1. degrees.” [Sources: icevirtuallibrary]

Surveying Book Details

Book Name:Surveying (Vol-1)
Author name:B.C. Punmia


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