What is concealed beams? Disadvantages of concealed beam

What is concealed beams? why hidden beam? Disadvantages of concealed beam

Detailed information about concealed/hidden Beams
What is concealed/hidden beam ???
A beam of equal thickness to a slab is called a console beam. Another name for a concealed beam is the hidden beam. Simply put, the idea of ​​this concealed beam came from the idea of ​​giving additional reinforcement by thinking of a strip along the columns in a flat slab.
What is the reason for concealed/hidden beam?
1) The beauty increases as there is no unwanted beam depth.
2) The cost of saturating can be reduced.

What is concealed beams
Warning for concealed/hidden beam :
1) This type of beam should not be used on any roof with a thickness below 200 mm.
2) If you want to make a concave beam, you have to analyze not only the beam, but also the model with the whole slab.
In fact, there is no such thing as a concealed/hidden beam in engineering. The concept of concealed/hidden beam has been established by imitating the way in which extra reinforcement is given along the strip along the column to column in the flat slab. 200 mm Or a roof with a thickness of less than 7.75 inches is not right to do this thing. It should be avoided as much as possible.

There are many types of problems that can be caused due to concealed/hidden beam:
  • The structure is weakened at the column strip.
  • There is a risk of sandwiches in an earthquake.
  • Reinforcement in concealed/hidden insurance is more than 2% of the total RCC.
  • concealed/hidden beam structure cannot take lateral load.
  • concealed/hidden beam can take 10% less axial load than normal beam.
  • Vertical Displacement in concealed/hidden beam is 10% higher than normal beam which makes it comparatively weak.
  • #Concrete cannot reach everywhere due to RCC being more than 2%. Honeycomb is made in it.
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