Civil Engineers should know some important point about Grade Beam

Civil Engineers should must know about Grade Beam

1. First fill the space between the footing and the short column with sand and compact well.

2. Now you have to put the column ring up to 3 feet from the casting  top of the short column.

3. Now fill the sand flat along the grade beam line and do a good brick flat soling and close the brick joint with cement sand mortar (Soling must maintain the water level).

4. Now bind the rod according to the drawing.

5. Be sure to use cap at the ends of the main rod. If you can give cap in extra top, even if it is not good, there is not much problem.
important point about Grade Beam


6. Lapping the top layer rod of the grade beam following 30D. The lapping of the top layer should not fall between L / 4. Put the lapping of the top layer in the middle.

7. Apply the lapping of the bottom layer of the grade beam according to 40D. Place the lapping  in the bottom layer between L / 4 and do not place the lapping in the bottom layer.

8. Now bind the stirrup straight to the grade beam right away. Place the hooked head of the stirrup on the top layer of the grade beam and fasten the hook alternately.

9. Now start suttering.

10. If you use a wooden shutter, apply thin polythene on the shutter and it will be better to cast it.

11. After saturating nicely, push the shutter well with 
2″*2″ support so that when the vibrator is hit, the shutter does not burst and the cast does not come out.

12. Make sure that the depth of the shutter grade beam is more than 2″ to facilitate welding.

13. Use 2.5 “cc block in grade beam.( as per C/C)

14. Now clean the grade beam and start casting.

15. If you want to give a joint in the casting of grade beams, make sure that it does not fall between L/4 from the column, or keep the joint a little away from the column. Never place the joint middle of the beams.

16. Cast in the correct ratio.

17. Before pouring, soak the soling well with water so that the bricks do not absorb any water from the casting.

18. Curing with water on the grade beam 24 hours after the end of casting and after 48 hours, open the side shutter of the grade beam and cure for 14 days.


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