Why is the head of the pile broken for Pile Cut off Level?

Importance of the head broken of cast-in-situ pile for Pile Cut off Level.

After casting the cast-in-situ pile, some parts of the head are broken again by digging the soil. Many ask why this work is done? If it has to be broken then why it was cast. Pile Cut off Level.

Why is the head of the pile broken for Pile Cut off Level

The pile’s head is broken for two main reasons in foundation or footing construction work:

1) To understand this you need to understand how the pile is cast. When the hole of the pile is dug, you will notice that water is used. Due to the use of water in the boring pipe, the soil below loosens and moves to the top, resulting in holes. This is where the round rod cage is inserted and cast.

An interesting incident happened here. Mud accumulates at the bottom of the hole for water use. And when the concrete is poured there, because the weight is heavier than the mud, the concrete’s spice goes down and the mud comes up. Thus all the mud to come. Absolutely moves to the head and the casting of solid concrete freezes hard below.

So the mixture of some mud and some concrete that comes up in this head is not very strong. So this upper part is broken.

2) The head rod of the pile is needed to block the rod of the pile cap. A column usually consists of three to ten or more piles. And the pile cap binds these piles to a column. It is very important to break the head of the pile to prevent this cap.

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