Ways to avoid roof leakage With Roof Leakage Problem and Solution

What to do if there is leakage on the roof of the house?
Due to the rainy or humid weather in world, incidents like roof leakage are a daily occurrence. The average annual rainfall in the country is 2,000 mm. Due to this condition, even after using good building materials during the construction of the house, it is seen that there is leakage on the roof of the house and water is falling on the walls. Which is quite detrimental to your home and the roof of the house. Also, if the roof of the house is leaking from time to time, this problem is very difficult for those who live just below the roof. There are many old buildings or installations in Bangladesh whose roofs are leaking due to leakage.

Then let us know, what to do if there is leakage on the roof of the house!
  • Acrylic coating water proofing
This is a new solution to stop water leakage from the roof. You can use it without breaking or repairing any kind of roof. It keeps the roof surface dry and protects it from water. This coating is applicable for all types of roofs. Be it the roof of the house, office or terrace. 
Acrylic coating water proofing
Sources: Pim Love
There are two important chemical components in this coating. These are polyester reinforcing fabric and elastomeric liquid concrete for waterproofing. These are easily available in the market. The polyester fabric elastomeric coating is applied to the roof multiple times to create a glossy sheen. With a little maintenance it is quite durable.
  • Polyurea spray
Polyurea spray coating is one of the hardest coatings in the world. Which is a chemical reaction of synthetic polymer elastomer or diamine and diosocyanate (aromatic or aliphatic). This polymerization reaction is similar to that of polyurethane, which is why we now call this urea bonding polyuria. 
Polyurea spray
Sources: fountechbd
The final molecular structure of this polymer holds the moisture of the roof tightly. And builds waterproof protection. It comes in the form of a spray and can form a hard coating if sprayed for 3 to 4 seconds. So it is the hardest coating in the world.
  • Cement Acrylic Coating and Waterproofing
This is one of the easiest but effective strategies to eliminate roof leakage. They are quite low in price, easily available in the market and can be used very easily in terms of usage. It is best applied with a long brush applicator. Mix acrylic with cement to make this coating harder and stronger. 
Cement Acrylic Coating and Waterproofing
Sources: wallmaxxpaints
Although cement can withstand water very tightly for a longer period of time. But if too much water pressure is created, this cement coating can crack. So it is better to use the acrylic solution with cement, it is adhesive and can be easily applied as the roof joints can be tightly closed. And does not allow any cracks or catches forever.
  • Bituminous water proofing
Bituminous is a combination of different biochemical layers. It is adhesive and liquid, which is quite effective in stopping leakage on the roof. The roof is also protected in various ways. It even reduces the risk of burns. This coating is used a lot for strengthening and waterproofing the roof. 
Bituminous water proofing
Sources: ArkiExp
You can buy these but before you buy, make sure they have a factory seal and that the packets must be unused. This coating not only prevents water, but also provides maximum protection from fire.
No more worries about roof leakage, here are some ways you can stop water from leaking from the roof of the house. Without any repair work. Avoid roof leakage in any way. It is very harmful to both you and the people in your house.
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